Should I Date Them?

Relationships build over time. The high energy, emotional roller coasters, and constant thoughts about each others that is associated with dating eventually turns into settling down into a long-term relationship. Our goal is to provide articles, strategies, and seminars to help couples build fulfilling, successful relationship that lead to the next level, a Kingdom Relationship.

The 10 Commandments of Dating

  1. Thou shalt be honest
  2. Thou shalt set boundaries
  3. Thou shalt ask questions
  4. Thou shalt not have sex before marriage
  5. Thou shalt pay attention
  6. Thou shalt date in groups
  7. Thou shalt not settle
  8. Thou shalt not play games
  9. Thou shalt be open-minded
  10. Thou shalt take your time

An explanation of each commandment can be found on Nate’s blog post The 10 Commandment of Dating at

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